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Lindsey Gail: Strong & Courageous
Lindsey Gail: Strong & Courageous


Hey!  Welcome to my new chapter in life!  I am thrilled that three years ago God lead me to write songs of the gospel!  Through out this process I have been through a number of challenges.  God  has provided comfort each day and through that comfort my gospel songs were given life.  I hope by listening to this album you will be touched by the messages found within.  God Bless!

My Christmas album "Joy To The World" is HERE!!!! I'm so excited for ya'll to hear! It will be available online in a few days for you to have mailed to you or for digital downloading! I will definitely keep you all posted!

Lots of Love,


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1- Like Jesus

2- Reservation For Heaven
3- He'll Say My Name
4- Dreaming Of A Savior
5- Pickin'
6-Jesus Is The Only One

7-I'm Here

8-I Am
9-Devil Get Outta My Life

10-Make Me Whole

11-Strong & Courageous

12-The Prayer

Lindsey Gail

"Strong & Courageous" Gospel Album is here!!!!